Cattedra Edoardo Garrone

What is it?

The Scuola di Alti Studi in Economia del Turismo Culturale Cattedra Edoardo Garrone (school of postgraduate studies in the economics of cultural tourism - Edoardo Garrone chair) operated from 2006 to 2014, and was organised by the Committee for promoting a centre of excellence in the economics of cultural tourism in Syracuse – established by Fondazione Edoardo Garrone in association with the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture, Confindustria Siracusa (industrial association of Syracuse), Archimede university consortium – with the collaboration of the Municipality of Syracuse and Regione Sicilia.

In 2011 it entered into an association with the University of Catania, which provided some of its professors for the teaching plan. The programme of the final two editions was expanded with the introduction of 


issues pertaining to sustainable and environmental tourism and making the most of the natural resources of the territory.

Course goals

The goal of the Post-Graduate Courses in Economics of Cultural Tourism was to offer young graduates or trade professionals a higher level of training in developing, managing and making the most of the tourist territory and the cultural product by delivering a modern, distinguishing learning programme.

The Courses therefore aimed to provide specialist know-how in the tourism and cultural sector, and to give individuals the skills to act professionally to manage the cultural legacy and make the most of territorial resources, also by setting up new start-ups.

The original learning format

The innovative aspect of the learning format is an intensive course that guaranteed an all-round training offer over a period of a few weeks, by combining traditional classroom lessons, workshops, case histories, field trips and the involvement of top level professionals from the national and international cultural scene.


The key modules of the Courses were:

  • "Economics and districts of cultural tourism"
  • "Sociology and psychology of tourism"
  • "Marketing and management of cultural tourism"
  • "Territorial politics and marketing strategies"
  • "Quality and Innovation"
  • Field trips and case histories
  • Workshop - setting up a business and writing a final preparation business plan (BP)


The numbers:

  • A total of 198 students participated in the nine editions 
  • Each year, over the last five years about 300 submissions to participate were received

The key distinguishing elements

Two key distinguishing elements enhanced the training offer, whose goal was to provide participants with real opportunities to operate in the territory, and to make it easier for them to join the world of business:

  1. A workshop for setting up a business (including exercises, involvement of consultants and experts, case studies and writing a business plan)
  2. The "Cattedra Edoardo Garrone" prize, a 5000 euro grant awarded for the completion of the best project presented by the participants at the end of the Course.


The business set-up workshop

The workshop for planning and setting up a business is a particularly innovative, original and intensive model; the preparatory part of the training programme was combined with the involvement of experienced experts and industry professionals who helped the students write their own business plan for their business start-up.


Run and supervised by a coordinator who is an expert in tourist and cultural planning, the workshop covered the following themes:

  • Methods of planning and start-ups in the tourist and cultural sector
  • Creating value in the sectors of tourism and culture
  • Competitors and potential of the territory: how to start up a business and make a successful launch into the cultural tourism sector
  • Networking, fundraising and reviving the territory


In addition to the classroom activity, the coordinator and the experts involved gave targeted advice to course participants, also through distance learning, for the whole duration of the workshop, to help them acquire the specific skills required to plan and write the final business plan.

The Cattedra Garrone Prize in Syracuse

Since 2008, the Garrone foundation has allocated a 5000 euro grant for the completion of the best project presented by the participants at the end of the Course.

The experience in Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)

In 2012 and 2013, building on the experience of Syracuse, two Spring sessions of the Post-Graduate Specialisation Course "Cultural Tourism for territorial development" were held in Santa Margherita Ligure. Fifty students participated in the courses.