What is it?

A week of training and orientation in the Apennines to explore its environmental, financial, social and cultural resources - from 16 to 21 July 2018, in the splendid backdrop of the Parco delle Capanne di Marcarolo (Capanne di Marcarolo Natural Regional Park, province of Alessandria) - using lessons and learning field trips to teach young people about the territory and its positive development.



The target

AppenninoLAB targeted 25 adult students from senior secondary schools in Liguria and Piedmont who were interested in and enthusiastic about the issues related to positive development of the territory, and who see these issues as an opportunity for their academic and professional future.

Method and goals

Selected students explored the many aspects relating to development of the Apennines: geology and nature, tourism and economy, culture and history, marketing, sports and technology.

The learning format was based on theory, practical experimentation and critical exchange, giving the students the opportunity to rebuild a direct connection with the past, with the territory and its inhabitants, by acquiring the tools they needed to reprocess it and project it towards the future.

The goal of the project was to make the participants aware of the fact that the Apennines can offer opportunities, not just in preserving their values, but also in developing the economic areas like sports, culture and technology by exchanging narratives of successful case histories, original ideas, experiences thanks to the collaboration with CONI Sports Federations and some exceptional testimonials.

 With the support of social engagement experts, participants were also invited to act as “ambassadors” of their experience, using social media to contribute live by sharing and spreading the project contents and values.


How to participate

Interested students can apply only through their schools, which receive information about the project from the Regional Education Board of Liguria and Piedmont. Information for interested teachers: +39 010 8681530.